Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Blogging from the ipad = no pictures :(

Lately, we been on our usual weekday schedule of dance and musical theater for the girl, and lots-o soccer for the boys.
Even Theo seems to be kicking the ball around these days.

Shane is nursing the laptop back to health.

I am fall sewing up a storm. It's also my month for 12squared. I'm stoked, check it out.

A few things worth noting:

Cannon has requested the training wheels to be removed from his bike. He hasn't quite mastered the 2 wheel process, but is determined. He has also taken a strong liking to basketball...Shane couldn't be happier!

He seems to be doing a lot better with his Kindergarten attitude. This week the kids have a short week and I told him he was on his own for lunch. He's done great!

Theo has started making requests by way of uh-uh-uh and reaching his arm up toward the direction of whatever he has his heart set on. He usually gets it. Typically, it's spatulas, measuring spoons, Teddy grahams, a sippy cup, or my sewing scissors. (he doesn't get those) He also really likes to eat markers and stamps. He's also started saying "a ball" when we get in the car. It's his favorite thing to hold on a drive.

Tyler has decided to be a hacker when he grows up. A criminal; every mothers dream. The problem is, he would be really good at it. He is doing surprisingly well with his retainer and still maintains the title as the bookiest book worm in the family. He is the coolest super geek I know!!!

Ryli has been doing a lot of writing. She and a few of her friends have started a newspaper, she is in charge of the nonfiction stories. She takes after her dad.

And that about wraps it up for the post with no pictures.

We are doing family picture this weekend- I'm outfit planning- which is always stressful!

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Scott said...

It's been a long while since I left a comment on your blog. Thank you Kristen for taking the time and effort to keep me and everyone else up to date on the adventures of the Arkansas Sharps. It is constantly amazing to me how fast all you grandchildren are growing and how much you are learning about each other and this beautiful world we live in. I can see how much good friends are important to you all. Enjoy them and the memories they help you create. I pray that our Heavenly Father will always guide you to make friends with those who will enhance your lives and help you keep making the choices necessary to once again live with him. Be well, say your prayers and remember how much I love you all. Grandpa Sharp 10/12/2011