Monday, October 31, 2011

bring on the candy...

Happy Halloween!

 from top to bottom: cannon's bat, ty's skull and ry's monster
i am happy to say that not only did my children not opt for commercial costumes this year, they also wanted more traditional "scary" jack-o-lanterns. i'm not sure what makes me happy about that, it just does.

we have a lot of spooky fun planned for this evening!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

trunk or treat 2011

i usually opt to make one handmade costume a year, for the sake of my blood pressure and general procrastination.

this year was ty's year, he's actually the only one that asked. he wanted to be a jester, inspired by a lego mini-figure (probably my most favorite of his choices to date). he even picked out the fabric. the pattern was simple, and actually a lot of fun, when i wasn't making careless mistakes (like serging a sleeve on inside out).
ryli wanted to be a hip hop dancer. unsure of what a costume that like entailed, we narrowed it down to one of her recital costumes, easy, and done.
cannon decided after a many mind changes that he would be a soccer player. again, easy and done.

i bought theo some skeleton p.j.'s last year, for this year. they even glow in the dark. done.
i rushed through yesterday making a jester hat, chili for the cook off, and treats for the cake walk. we also had some "official" business to tend to, which put a damper on my plans...but in the end, we made it!
trunk or treating is a tradition with our church, and we always love it!
 shane was in charge of decorating the car...and that's all i have to say about that.
larry the terrorist:)

 miss harper lee

 where's waldo?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pumpkin patching with Cannon

Theo and I bundled up and accompanied the Jefferson Kindergartners to the pumpkin patch. It was cold. The sun hid behind the clouds, and winds were gusty. Theo refused to wear a hat or stay covered in his stroller.
Cannon and I went and found the hot chocolate. It helped.
I was talked into going on the hayride, and so glad I was. Cannon got to pull his choice pumpkin from the vine- which is something we haven't done in the past. A very authentic experience.

After we returned from the hayride, I chickened out. I asked if I could leave. Theo needed some rest and Cannon was not about to let me leave without him.

We took our lunches and ate at home, with our cozy forced air heating and protective walls. It was nice to have a quiet lunch with my #3. Although #4 kept us entertained with all of his usual shenanigans.

I'm afraid the older two are gonna have to pick out there pumpkins from the grocery store this year because we are officially running out of time!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

workin on the railroad

we dedicated last saturday night to family pictures. this is something i force everyone to do one time a year. i put up with a lot of eye rolling, grumbling and general grouchiness, but i persevere, bribery in tow.

if i didn't insist on a family photo, i would be failing as a mother- and therefore a human. so there it is.

pure torture.

this year, though, they might've enjoyed it just a little.

i let them climb all over a real life train.

they got filthy.

here are a few of my faves-

i really wish this one was centered better- it's my favorite of him...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Blogging from the ipad = no pictures :(

Lately, we been on our usual weekday schedule of dance and musical theater for the girl, and lots-o soccer for the boys.
Even Theo seems to be kicking the ball around these days.

Shane is nursing the laptop back to health.

I am fall sewing up a storm. It's also my month for 12squared. I'm stoked, check it out.

A few things worth noting:

Cannon has requested the training wheels to be removed from his bike. He hasn't quite mastered the 2 wheel process, but is determined. He has also taken a strong liking to basketball...Shane couldn't be happier!

He seems to be doing a lot better with his Kindergarten attitude. This week the kids have a short week and I told him he was on his own for lunch. He's done great!

Theo has started making requests by way of uh-uh-uh and reaching his arm up toward the direction of whatever he has his heart set on. He usually gets it. Typically, it's spatulas, measuring spoons, Teddy grahams, a sippy cup, or my sewing scissors. (he doesn't get those) He also really likes to eat markers and stamps. He's also started saying "a ball" when we get in the car. It's his favorite thing to hold on a drive.

Tyler has decided to be a hacker when he grows up. A criminal; every mothers dream. The problem is, he would be really good at it. He is doing surprisingly well with his retainer and still maintains the title as the bookiest book worm in the family. He is the coolest super geek I know!!!

Ryli has been doing a lot of writing. She and a few of her friends have started a newspaper, she is in charge of the nonfiction stories. She takes after her dad.

And that about wraps it up for the post with no pictures.

We are doing family picture this weekend- I'm outfit planning- which is always stressful!

Monday, October 3, 2011

taking note: youngest to oldest

6 teeth, 3 on top and 3 on bottom.
started walking september 24.
saying and waving bye-bye, only when he feels like it.
adores bear and the big blue house and sesame street.
knows how to work his dad's ipad.
walks across the coffee table and ironing board like it's a catwalk.
unwillingly adjusting to shoes.
loves strawberries, tomatoes, turkey, ham, chips, z-bars, whole grain bagels and sippy's of water.
tries to sneak out the door anytime it's open.
recently got splinters on his belly from crawling around on the deck.
loves to tease his daddy by turning the xbox off and on, usually in the middle of something very important.
lights up a room with his smile.
his belly laugh is contagious.
he owns the place.

has a pretty bad case of kindergarten anxiety.
asks for chicken nuggets for lunch everyday.
the only kiddo to eat pesto pasta with his parents.
still has an intense lisp.
loves soccer.
loves to wrestle his dad.
still appreciates snuggle time with mom.
legos are his #1 toy of choice.
drawing pictures for special people is his newest hobby, he frequently rolls up his pictures and leaves them on one of our pillows.
his best friends are aiden, bram, max and definitely shane.
wants to be a scientist when he grows up.
wants to be a breakdancer for halloween this year.
he is our local softy.

a dancing queen.
she loves to read and write.
has a new pet tad pole-- named tad.
cycles through american girl, barbies, webkinz and other general stuffed animals.
has a fiery little attitude.
loves to craft with her mom.
is an amazing help around the house.
loves to prepare dinner.
still prefers dirty over clean.
appreciates thrifting.
best friends--lucy, hazel and kate.
has installed security cameras at random places thoughout the house.
about 2 months ago, she kicked out a pane in her window while trying to scare a spider.
cares about grades.
money saver.
she is our local sass-cat.

mr. in charge.
ready and willing to keep everyone in the house corrected and on the straight and narrow.
first one out of bed, bedmade, dressed, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, hair done and sitting on the couch usually before anyone else is out of bed.
militant about his watch wearing.
all of the above and still ridiculously silly.
the pickiest eater in the family.
doesn't care about grades.
desperate for a pet kitten.
money spender.
likes soccer.
best friends-- sean, gary and cole.
helps when asked with chores, as long as it's indoors.
an intense disdain for mosquitoes and poison ivy.
plans to be a world traveler as soon as he's 18.
will support his travels by offering to do yard work for locals.
wants to be a jester for halloween.
gaming, legos, reading and movie watching are his favorites.
he is our local drill sergeant.

together- these four can spend some serious time up in the playroom in their clubhouse. they are each other's best friends and worst enemies. they love their baby to pieces. they are spiritual creatures. they cannot resist the temptation to tease each other, even with their lives threatened.