Friday, September 9, 2011

Football and Croup

Last Night was the season opener for the NFL. I fully prepared with junk food and and earliy-ish bedtime for the older 3. Theo was fighting a nasty cold and losing a battle with a bottom tooth.
I found a spot on the couch and dabbled in a little embroidery (thanks to Emily S), Shane rocked our sad little guy. We munched and checked our fantasy football teams.
As the night wound down and the game was coming to an end we became a little more concerned with Theo's deep cough and the resulting restlessness. He was sounding barky. He would fall asleep for about 20 minutes, then wake up crying because he couldn't catch his breath.

Having experienced something similar with Ty when he was 2, I knew to turn on the shower and stand in a steamy room for Theo to inhale and sooth his swollen throat. This didn't seem to help much.

By 12:30am his breathing was very labored and my momma senses said it was time to head to the ER.

We got to Childrens Hospital around 1am, we were triaged, taken back to a room, and had a breathing treatment with epinephrine by 1:15am. We had a team surrounding us as soon as the nurses heard him...
I've said it before and I'll say it again, AR Childrens Hospital is like heaven on earth for little ones.
I was so worried we would have to endure an IV...and all kinds of other needles. It wasn't even mentioned- thank goodness for both of us.

He responded well to the breathing treatment and crashed hard as soon as he was able to breath better...and with the help of a little nursing.

Around 4:15, they said it was safe to go. They discharged us with a perscription for amoxicillin for a sneaky little ear infection (which really explains alot) and we were on our way.

He didn't make a peep for the rest of the night.

We all slept in a bit, though the older ones didn't have a clue what had happened.

All anniversary plans have been postponed- which is oddly similar to last year.

We have the rest of our lives for date nights, I suppose.

And, I'm truly okay with that.

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Em said...

hugs to sweet theo! and send my love to ach :)