Thursday, August 18, 2011

ty has a small mouth

so much so, that it is finally time for orthodontic intervention.
ty had his impressions scheduled for today. when i arrived at school to check him out for his appointment, i found my #3 sobbing.
he missed his mama.
so he accompanied us to the appointment.
cannon dried up his tears just in time to be a helper-
his special chore was wrestling the wonder baby so i could take the required photographs...
i rather enjoyed this part. he is very finicky about what goes in his mouth. it was fun to watch someone else make him squirm.
there, i said it.
i'm the meanest mom in the world.
he's going to need an expander to widen the roof of his mouth. it will come in the form of a retainer, half glow in the dark blue and half glow in the dark red. we will pick it up in two weeks.
he's beside himself with excitement..

after the ortho induction, we headed home for lunch, then it was back to school for one more hour. i went with cannon to his watermelon party. they also have a kinder"garden", so went out to learn about that.

i skipped out a few minutes early to drive the bambino around until he fell asleep.
cannon met me at the car a bit later, brave as can be.

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