Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shane's 35th

The celebrations started on Friday the 19th. We enlisted our babysitter, and spent the evening eating the sushi and shopping. Just the two of us. Shane has wanted some new work attire and it was the perfect opportunity to get him outfitted...then Sunday we had our regular monthly family dinner where Shane and I picked the menu and were showered with birthday wishes.

Later that night,
Theo and I waited anxiously for the clock to hit midnight, he decided to cut some teeth in celebration of his daddy's birthday.
We wished Shane a Happy Birthday as soon as it became official...then it was short incremental naps for the rest of the night.
Later that day, Theo and I picked Shane up for lunch at Pei Wei. Somehow we landed a free Chicken Fried Rice. Birthday miracle?? I think so.

After school, the children and I had some top secret business to tend to. Then it was off to Larry's for dinner with friends. We held off on dessert pizza because we had a "special" dessert planned back at the Griffins.

Before he could enjoy dessert I sent him on a scavenger hunt...back to Henry's room, then to the trampoline, then to the shocks on the Griffin-mobile, then finally back to the living room for a waiting box, with and box inside the box, inside the box, inside the box...and so on.
 When he finally reached the prize...an iPad2, he was speechless...which left me a little worried.
 We enjoyed a special dessert that was designed completely around the taste buds of my main man, carmel cake, pralines and cream ice cream with homemade butterscotch topping. Heavenly....
 We said goodnight to our crew, and by 11:30pm, Shane finally decided to open his gift.

I wiped my brow, and was grateful that he was over the initial shock and ready to embrace the technology. Let me just say that he hasn't put it down since.

Happy Birthday, my love. I live to surprise you...

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Abbey and Todd said...

Wow you are awesome with birthdays! We are kind of lame birthday people at our house...this makes me want to step it up. Theo looks so much like Tyler to me in those top pictures. I love his dark eyes!