Monday, August 15, 2011

necessary preparations, and a pity party

it's back to school time. we're all stocked up on hair cuts, clothes, shoes and supplies.

friday was the meet and greet. after a summer long speculation,we finally learned of the kiddos classroom assignments. needless to say, we are all content.
cannon- ms. dorman. a sweet lady who offered hugs. a good sign, and my sweet bubba seemed comfortable. he has been given a car as his object. every time he needs to find his cubby, or anything else that is assigned to him he will see a car by his name. not a bad choice. (i guess this is to help the children who don't quite recognize their name yet)
ryli- ms. feingold. it would've been ty's choice for a 3rd grade teacher had he been given one. we entered her room to hear music playing, a beach ball volley-ing, and a sweet little reading corner complete with a soft couch and bright chairs. ryli was at home...even if she has to make do without her bestie.
ty- ms. itzkowitz. he has a hard time with her name. he keeps calling her iwokitz. he'll get it soon, i'm sure. he also landed in a room without his closest friends. thank goodness for lunch and recess.
last year we met lucy for a mani- this year we did our own in home version. the girls love picking out matching colors and accessories...the mom's had fun too.
we came home, prepared dinner, and curled up my girlie's hair.
we spent some time contemplating the perfect outfits, did a little bedtime reading and then said our family prayer.

as i tucked each of my little ones in bed, i reminded them of how spectacular they are. i reminded them to be extra curious of their new environments, and to be a good friend to everyone.

tomorrow morning i plan to lure them out of bed with the traditional first day of school cinnamon rolls. i'll pack each a treat filled lunch complete with a love note, and also repent for all of my grouchy moments over the summer.

i'll remind them to miss me, and their baby, theo. i know their baby will desperately miss them.
my arms already ache for my cannon. i'm not ready to let him go.
he, however, is bursting with anticipation.
and so it goes...
the beginning of the end.
(with a tiny little cheer for a clean house)

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