Wednesday, August 17, 2011

me and my shadow

or should i say theo and his shadow...

we lunched with the kiddos today. cannon informed me last night that he had eaten by himself that day. we visited about it for a minute, i teared up. he smiled and reassured me that it was no big deal.

i'm grateful for such a supportive son.

i made the decision immediately that we would hang with him for his next lunch. ryli asked me to join her as well. when i told ty, he had to take a minute to check his mental calendar, and then decided he was free as well.

he. is. too. cool.
but that is another post in itself.

anyway, i packed up our lunches and headed up to the school.

ryli was first, with lucy and kate.
then it was cannon's turn. he hasn't come out of his shell yet. he's very happy, but very quiet and observant. we were joined by his friend max, who was having an especially rough day. he missed his mama.
one of the lunch monitors was not being very nice to all of these sweet 5 year olds. that was when cannon told me that they weren't allowed to talk. when i heard this lady yelling at the kids i jumped up and went and found the principle and asked her if, indeed, the kids weren't allowed to talk. she said that wasn't a rule and followed me back in the cafeteria. the mood of the monitor changed quickly. we're going to be keeping a close eye on that situation. cannon headed off to nap time with a smile, and more reassurance for his mom.
then ty came in. his friends grant and sean joined us. he was definitely less interested in dear old mom, and theo was getting restless. i spent about 15 minutes with him, didn't dare kiss him goodbye and headed out the door. i did sneak in an i love you, though. it was reciprocated with his usual, "i do too".

i'll take it.


Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

Kristin- you're such a good mommy!!!! I love how proactive you are too:) Good for you to get the principal; that is ridiculous- how can you expect 5 year olds not to talk?!?!?!

kaye said...

Our principal doesn't want our kids to talk in the hall at all--even first thing in the morning. I'm afraid I don't reinforce it strictly--even adults like to catch up on news when we see our friends! You are an awesome mom. I wish more parents were like you. That's the only way changes will be made. Sorry, I feel so strong about our little ones' feelings and self-esteem. It's the one thing that brings out the 'mama bear' in me. I so love your blog! Thanks for sharing it!!!