Monday, August 15, 2011

later that afternoon...

i wanted to catch their first impressions on their way out. unfortunately my memory card for the nikon bit the dust on the way out the door, so i grabbed the trusty point and shoot.
 two of my sweeties on the way out--all smiles!
 they had a great day!
 my oldest sweetie--with a big smile!
 first day of school always means an afternoon treat. we rounded up the troops and met at cheeburger for shakes.
 theo and i opted for mousse mountain- it's a little less "milky"
 the crazy boys shared stories,
and pit farts. it was lovely.
i made the kids their favorite dinner. my friends would've thought ramens...but no, penne alfredo.
with hopes and dreams of an early bedtimes, my three were still bouncing with nervous energy until nearly 9pm.

it's going to be a long, tired week. but i welcome it, and so do they.

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