Monday, August 1, 2011

i am

32 today. my kids let me sleep a little late, then i walked out to all kinds of warm wishes. i worked on my 12squared block, then argued with Theo about a nap. he won, and i was late to my birthday lunch.
oh well.

lunch was delicious.

i came home to several hidden surprises. they were perfectly sized and well thought of. my big birthday present i received in June.

 my card from the kids included stick figure self portraits. ty gave himself a mohawk and a beard. shane left a stash of m&m's, ryli made me bow complete with a heart shaped picture of...herself. cannon built me a lego ship and made me a rug.

ry even called me a big batch of love. perfect.

shane set me up with a fridge pack of poison.
he also bought me a new full length mirror. fancy? no. but something i've really been missing on sunday mornings since theo broke ours.
then it was off to walmart for groceries. my 4 did not have birthday mercy on me.

i forgive them.

my parents paid me a birthday visit with flowers and a cake. both were lovely.
then my main man came home and swept me off to a dinner amongst adults, our best friends.
(hartzells were missed)

 it was a perfect evening, despite the heat.
after dinner at bravo's and a little perusing at anthro, we headed back to the griffins for dessert and games.

 none of which would've been possible without our trusty babysitter, sue-wee.

it was a happy birthday.

the end.

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emilysigler said...

the square is looking spiffy! glad you had a terrific day.