Monday, August 15, 2011

first day of school: 2011

everything went according to plan. i woke up about 15 minutes later than i wanted to, i blame theo for that one.

i'm pretty sure he's finally cutting his bottom two teeth.

by 6:40am the house with buzzing with nervous energy. breakfast was baking, i showered, prepared lunches, tidied hair, and loaded backpacks.

the morning flew by. as we hurried to the car, i stopped the kiddos to catch a few pictures.

we walked into school promptly at 7:50am. the halls were packed with parents, kids and teachers. theo clamped onto his daddy for dear life.
(we ran into the griffins on the way in)
we dropped cannon off first. he was quiet, but confident. he let go and didn't look back. sigh....and tear.
next was ryli, i barely caught a picture of her before she bolted inside. done.

last was ty. he requested that i not walk him in. i looked pretty surprised, apparently, because he quickly back peddled and said i could. i smiled at him and told him i understood, and that i loved him. sigh, tear...and done.

as we walked up the stairs and out the door (i walked back to cannon's room for last peek), i noticed theo still had shane's collar still clutched tightly in his tiny fist. it was symbolic.
i'm glad he came home with me.

and just like that, i have three in school. and a 1 year old at home who now has my undivided attention.

i'm grateful for this time in our lives, and also a little melancholy.

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