Friday, August 12, 2011

the day we found out the Griffins were moving.

we woke up to rain. we met for lunch. Becca shared her big news- her house had sold.

it had been on the market for about -12 hours before an offer had been made.

they're leaving in 3 weeks. i suppose it was meant to be.

after the children (and moms) tired of chickfila, we moved the party to baker park.

(miss harper lee and my new friend ben. he likes to flirt with me.)
after some bike and scooter riding rain drops started to fall.

appropriately, we moved the party to the Griffins.

for some reason it seemed very important to spend this afternoon with our friends.
we will miss them dearly, but can't wait to see how Billy rocks the world of chemistry.

we'll always have Florida.

and these two will always have their pinky swear


Amy said...

I'm sad for y'all. At least it's just to Hot Springs for the first little bit. That might help ease you into separation.

Becca said...

gosh. this post makes it sound all so final. it doesn't feel that way, though. henry just wants to know where's his picture. i think he's just jealous of ben. :)