Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shane's 35th

The celebrations started on Friday the 19th. We enlisted our babysitter, and spent the evening eating the sushi and shopping. Just the two of us. Shane has wanted some new work attire and it was the perfect opportunity to get him outfitted...then Sunday we had our regular monthly family dinner where Shane and I picked the menu and were showered with birthday wishes.

Later that night,
Theo and I waited anxiously for the clock to hit midnight, he decided to cut some teeth in celebration of his daddy's birthday.
We wished Shane a Happy Birthday as soon as it became official...then it was short incremental naps for the rest of the night.
Later that day, Theo and I picked Shane up for lunch at Pei Wei. Somehow we landed a free Chicken Fried Rice. Birthday miracle?? I think so.

After school, the children and I had some top secret business to tend to. Then it was off to Larry's for dinner with friends. We held off on dessert pizza because we had a "special" dessert planned back at the Griffins.

Before he could enjoy dessert I sent him on a scavenger hunt...back to Henry's room, then to the trampoline, then to the shocks on the Griffin-mobile, then finally back to the living room for a waiting box, with and box inside the box, inside the box, inside the box...and so on.
 When he finally reached the prize...an iPad2, he was speechless...which left me a little worried.
 We enjoyed a special dessert that was designed completely around the taste buds of my main man, carmel cake, pralines and cream ice cream with homemade butterscotch topping. Heavenly....
 We said goodnight to our crew, and by 11:30pm, Shane finally decided to open his gift.

I wiped my brow, and was grateful that he was over the initial shock and ready to embrace the technology. Let me just say that he hasn't put it down since.

Happy Birthday, my love. I live to surprise you...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ty has a small mouth

so much so, that it is finally time for orthodontic intervention.
ty had his impressions scheduled for today. when i arrived at school to check him out for his appointment, i found my #3 sobbing.
he missed his mama.
so he accompanied us to the appointment.
cannon dried up his tears just in time to be a helper-
his special chore was wrestling the wonder baby so i could take the required photographs...
i rather enjoyed this part. he is very finicky about what goes in his mouth. it was fun to watch someone else make him squirm.
there, i said it.
i'm the meanest mom in the world.
he's going to need an expander to widen the roof of his mouth. it will come in the form of a retainer, half glow in the dark blue and half glow in the dark red. we will pick it up in two weeks.
he's beside himself with excitement..

after the ortho induction, we headed home for lunch, then it was back to school for one more hour. i went with cannon to his watermelon party. they also have a kinder"garden", so went out to learn about that.

i skipped out a few minutes early to drive the bambino around until he fell asleep.
cannon met me at the car a bit later, brave as can be.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

me and my shadow

or should i say theo and his shadow...

we lunched with the kiddos today. cannon informed me last night that he had eaten by himself that day. we visited about it for a minute, i teared up. he smiled and reassured me that it was no big deal.

i'm grateful for such a supportive son.

i made the decision immediately that we would hang with him for his next lunch. ryli asked me to join her as well. when i told ty, he had to take a minute to check his mental calendar, and then decided he was free as well.

he. is. too. cool.
but that is another post in itself.

anyway, i packed up our lunches and headed up to the school.

ryli was first, with lucy and kate.
then it was cannon's turn. he hasn't come out of his shell yet. he's very happy, but very quiet and observant. we were joined by his friend max, who was having an especially rough day. he missed his mama.
one of the lunch monitors was not being very nice to all of these sweet 5 year olds. that was when cannon told me that they weren't allowed to talk. when i heard this lady yelling at the kids i jumped up and went and found the principle and asked her if, indeed, the kids weren't allowed to talk. she said that wasn't a rule and followed me back in the cafeteria. the mood of the monitor changed quickly. we're going to be keeping a close eye on that situation. cannon headed off to nap time with a smile, and more reassurance for his mom.
then ty came in. his friends grant and sean joined us. he was definitely less interested in dear old mom, and theo was getting restless. i spent about 15 minutes with him, didn't dare kiss him goodbye and headed out the door. i did sneak in an i love you, though. it was reciprocated with his usual, "i do too".

i'll take it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

later that afternoon...

i wanted to catch their first impressions on their way out. unfortunately my memory card for the nikon bit the dust on the way out the door, so i grabbed the trusty point and shoot.
 two of my sweeties on the way out--all smiles!
 they had a great day!
 my oldest sweetie--with a big smile!
 first day of school always means an afternoon treat. we rounded up the troops and met at cheeburger for shakes.
 theo and i opted for mousse mountain- it's a little less "milky"
 the crazy boys shared stories,
and pit farts. it was lovely.
i made the kids their favorite dinner. my friends would've thought ramens...but no, penne alfredo.
with hopes and dreams of an early bedtimes, my three were still bouncing with nervous energy until nearly 9pm.

it's going to be a long, tired week. but i welcome it, and so do they.

first day of school: 2011

everything went according to plan. i woke up about 15 minutes later than i wanted to, i blame theo for that one.

i'm pretty sure he's finally cutting his bottom two teeth.

by 6:40am the house with buzzing with nervous energy. breakfast was baking, i showered, prepared lunches, tidied hair, and loaded backpacks.

the morning flew by. as we hurried to the car, i stopped the kiddos to catch a few pictures.

we walked into school promptly at 7:50am. the halls were packed with parents, kids and teachers. theo clamped onto his daddy for dear life.
(we ran into the griffins on the way in)
we dropped cannon off first. he was quiet, but confident. he let go and didn't look back. sigh....and tear.
next was ryli, i barely caught a picture of her before she bolted inside. done.

last was ty. he requested that i not walk him in. i looked pretty surprised, apparently, because he quickly back peddled and said i could. i smiled at him and told him i understood, and that i loved him. sigh, tear...and done.

as we walked up the stairs and out the door (i walked back to cannon's room for last peek), i noticed theo still had shane's collar still clutched tightly in his tiny fist. it was symbolic.
i'm glad he came home with me.

and just like that, i have three in school. and a 1 year old at home who now has my undivided attention.

i'm grateful for this time in our lives, and also a little melancholy.

necessary preparations, and a pity party

it's back to school time. we're all stocked up on hair cuts, clothes, shoes and supplies.

friday was the meet and greet. after a summer long speculation,we finally learned of the kiddos classroom assignments. needless to say, we are all content.
cannon- ms. dorman. a sweet lady who offered hugs. a good sign, and my sweet bubba seemed comfortable. he has been given a car as his object. every time he needs to find his cubby, or anything else that is assigned to him he will see a car by his name. not a bad choice. (i guess this is to help the children who don't quite recognize their name yet)
ryli- ms. feingold. it would've been ty's choice for a 3rd grade teacher had he been given one. we entered her room to hear music playing, a beach ball volley-ing, and a sweet little reading corner complete with a soft couch and bright chairs. ryli was at home...even if she has to make do without her bestie.
ty- ms. itzkowitz. he has a hard time with her name. he keeps calling her iwokitz. he'll get it soon, i'm sure. he also landed in a room without his closest friends. thank goodness for lunch and recess.
last year we met lucy for a mani- this year we did our own in home version. the girls love picking out matching colors and accessories...the mom's had fun too.
we came home, prepared dinner, and curled up my girlie's hair.
we spent some time contemplating the perfect outfits, did a little bedtime reading and then said our family prayer.

as i tucked each of my little ones in bed, i reminded them of how spectacular they are. i reminded them to be extra curious of their new environments, and to be a good friend to everyone.

tomorrow morning i plan to lure them out of bed with the traditional first day of school cinnamon rolls. i'll pack each a treat filled lunch complete with a love note, and also repent for all of my grouchy moments over the summer.

i'll remind them to miss me, and their baby, theo. i know their baby will desperately miss them.
my arms already ache for my cannon. i'm not ready to let him go.
he, however, is bursting with anticipation.
and so it goes...
the beginning of the end.
(with a tiny little cheer for a clean house)

Friday, August 12, 2011

the day we found out the Griffins were moving.

we woke up to rain. we met for lunch. Becca shared her big news- her house had sold.

it had been on the market for about -12 hours before an offer had been made.

they're leaving in 3 weeks. i suppose it was meant to be.

after the children (and moms) tired of chickfila, we moved the party to baker park.

(miss harper lee and my new friend ben. he likes to flirt with me.)
after some bike and scooter riding rain drops started to fall.

appropriately, we moved the party to the Griffins.

for some reason it seemed very important to spend this afternoon with our friends.
we will miss them dearly, but can't wait to see how Billy rocks the world of chemistry.

we'll always have Florida.

and these two will always have their pinky swear