Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swim Meet 2011: 1st and 2nd

Last night we braved the humidity and heat for Ryli and Cannon's first swim meet of the season. We were out of town for the last one and the very first one was cancelled because of rain. So last night we swam against two teams, St. Charles and Colony West.
It's always fun to cheer for my two favorite swimmers.

Ry competed in the freestyle and backstroke. She placed third overall in the backstroke.
Cannon competed in the freestyle and butterfly. He placed second overall in BOTH categories. He's pretty dang proud.

 We're proud of how much they enjoy it. We also really enjoy the potluck that always follows an away meet. 
Did I mention that it was near 110 degrees with the heat index???


Em said...

wow. very impressed that cannon can compete in a butterfly swim competition and i still can't even do the butterfly stroke at age 31. :)

kaye said...

Awesome!!! It's ok for you to be proud! They and you deserve it. I enjoyed our visit so much. We need to keep in touch better. Hug all for me--Love you guys!!!