Sunday, July 31, 2011

sunday, rainy sunday

it's been a long time coming...rain. my soul has been thirsty for summer showers, so has my grass. it hit at the most perfect time of day- upon arriving home from church. just in time for a nap for me, and dancing for ryli. she just can't help herself.

 then, after naps, dinner and baths i went to work on some projects. ty followed me in and asked if i had any extra fabric to make some blankets for his webkinz. i pulled out a few scraps and told him to go to town. shortly after, ryli joined him.
 as we worked on our projects i did a little eavesdropping on their conversation.

 it seems ty has been managing a homeless shelter for his animal friends. these blankets were a blessing for all of his chilly occupants. he also thanked ryli for her hamster's kind donation. apparently, a bag of money had been left at the doorstep of this shelter to feed his animal friends.

oh man, i love this guy. and ryli for her charity. and cannon for going to sleep early. and theo for his gusto.

and shane, for all of the above.

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