Saturday, July 16, 2011

highlights from the 1st birthday

to say that he enjoyed his cake is an understatement. he dug in as soon as it was placed in front of him. he also discovered that he likes hot dogs, he didn't care for all of the chaos that comes with opening presents, and he loves a green ball.

a few milestones: he cut his first tooth in Las Vegas, around June 30th. it's the top right one. the top left is due to cut through any day. still no sign of his bottom teeth.
 he has mastered the art or turning around to climb down stairs, or off a bed.
he has said what sounds like about 3 different words: dog, duck and cat. he also babbles bock bock bock when he sees anything that resembles a bird or chicken.
he loves fruit and vegetables, namely tomatoes, cucmbers, avocados, blueberries, apples and cantelope.
he loves to test boundaries, and giggle about it.
he loves to read books and throw balls. he has a funny habit of touching the ball to his mouth before throwing.
he still doesn't sleep through the night, an all night nurser.
he still seems to be lactose intolerant.
his siblings adore him.
he's spoiled rotten because of it.
not sure on his stats, we are awaiting the well baby that will happen early well as his first immunizations.:(

1st Birthday's are 100% completely bittersweet.
I love my Theo.

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