Wednesday, July 27, 2011

crash bandicoot

 this guy is whirling through our house, and leaving his mark on everything. he has emptied an entire extra large bottle of sanitizer on the floor (which means he had to unscrew the lid). he empties ziploc containers, climbs on anything he can hike his little round knee on top of, unrolls entire rolls of toilet paper and even recently discovered that if he pulls hard enough, he can open the oven!

it's quite possible that my memory doesn't serve me, but i feel pretty certain that my others weren't this mischievous this early.

i also find it interesting that at child 4 this kind of behavior is endearing. had it been child 1, 2 or maybe even 3, i might have pulled my hair out.
at any given moment you can find him sitting right in the middle of the coffee table, and i fear the days for my lampshades are numbered.
yes, lampshades.
(for the record, he just cut his 2nd tooth. it's his top left. so now he has 2 top teeth and 0 bottom teeth)

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