Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Vacation Days 3-5

Phoenix, or should I say, Surprise was fantastic. We did exactly as we planned. Stayed up too late, ate delicious food, spent some quality time in the pool, and scouted out fabric stores.

 We were even able to have dinner with another one of Shane’s mission buddies and his family. A mini-reunion of sorts.
The kiddos swam their hearts out, literally in their swimsuits from 9am until 10pm.
Tyler developed a strong liking for Piper. He even recorded a goodbye message for her on her Flip. One of the sweetest sides of Ty I’ve ever seen.

Ryli and Lennon clicked like long lost sisters, Crue and Cannon buddied up right away and Theo and Major participated in a few staring contests.

We love and cherish our time with our Surprise peeps, and we’re already planning our next visit.

Day 4: landed us in Las Vegas. We drove out to the NW area and checked into Hotel Kundanani. I got to meet Miss Aubrie for the first time and Theo introduced himself as well. We ordered in some Café Rio and the kids threw on their suits to cool down from the desert heat.

Michelle and I planned out our shopping extravaganza, which started on Day 5.

Day 5: was all about the fabric and outlets.

Shane took the kids to see Cars 2, and then the Disney store. He was a champ at providing the girl time that I so long for with my Michelle.

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