Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Vacation Day 2: NM to AZ

The kids were full of energy last night after we checked into the hotel. Unfortunately the pool was closed and we had nothing to offer except threats of time outs and back tickling to calm their nerves. They finally gave in around 11. Of course we felt guilty for the threats after they were fast asleep.

We actually made it on the road around 7am. It helped that we hit the mountain time zone and gained an hour. We flew through New Mexico, stopped in Holbrook, Arizona for gas and lunch, and made it to the Grand Canyon around 3pm. Another bonus hour because Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings time (genius!).

 The kids were impressed with the canyon, as Grand as it was, for about 10 minutes. Then all they could talk about was finding a gift shop and some water. The temp was about 92 degrees, windy, and dry.

We did find a gift shop and the kiddos were able to spend a little money. Then it was off to Phoenix, by way of Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona.

The drive was incredible, and dare I say, more impressive then the Grand Canyon. We could not get enough of the scenery. Sedona will always have a special place in my heart.

Soon we will arrive at the Kidd’s. Some of our favorite people on the planet. We always stay up way too late and leave, asking ourselves why we don’t live right next door to them.

Theo hasn’t slept nearly as much today. He has been the most challenging part of the trip so far. The other kids have done SO WELL.

Also worth noting, one of our rear brake light covers has come loose. Shane noticed it flapping in the wind when we stopped for gas in NM. He used his electrical tape to try to keep it attached…

Who would have thought a mini-van could get even cooler???

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