Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Vacation Day 1 (LR to NM):

I’ve decided that road tripping with older kids is fun. We got each of them their own childrens road atlas. Ryli has used it the most. She has commented more than once that this is her favorite trip she’s ever taken. She is her daddy’s navigator while I sit in the back with the babe. The older boys sit in the middle immersed in Pokemon.
 This morning we got a later start than we were hoping for. No surprise there. We got to OKC around 1pm, and met the Deschamps for lunch at Pops. It was a fun stop on the historical Route 66. We talked and ate non-stop, which is always amazing in my book. We had Root Beer bread pudding for dessert…DELISH! We plan to stop on the way back so we said a quick “see you soon,” and were off for 7 more hours.

We’ve had NUMEROUS potty breaks, lots of snacks, watched several movies and Theo has slept well.

I have to say that as I sit in the back row of my mini van and ponder the people in front of me, I am so grateful for these moments. I feel like this road trip allows me to bottle up my family all for myself, even if only for this day. I watch their conversations, watch Ry gaze at Shane as he explains windmills and wild fires, sing lullabys to my sweet Theo, and observe Ty and Cannon contemplate a game of chess. I even got to see the sun set over the desert, which is especially pink (and beautiful) due to the fires.

I have to say, I’m so glad that flying wasn’t an option for us.

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