Friday, June 17, 2011

day camp is a go

last year Ty wanted to go to cub scout day camp. so he went. for one day. he said it was too hot (it was), and there were too many mosquitoes (there were). he decided he didn't want to go back, and i didn't blame him.

this year, when he said he wanted to go to day camp, i made him think about it. we also told him that knowing what he knew from last year that if he signed up he was committing.

he signed up, and low and behold after the first day he didn't want to go back.

we made him.
on the last day of day camp, Ty confessed that he wished camp was year round like school.

makes a mom proud. it was a defining moment for young Tyler.

the kids and i joined in to catch the rocket derby and closing ceremony on that last day.

 ty can tough things out. also, some things are worth working for.

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