Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Vacation Days 3-5

Phoenix, or should I say, Surprise was fantastic. We did exactly as we planned. Stayed up too late, ate delicious food, spent some quality time in the pool, and scouted out fabric stores.

 We were even able to have dinner with another one of Shane’s mission buddies and his family. A mini-reunion of sorts.
The kiddos swam their hearts out, literally in their swimsuits from 9am until 10pm.
Tyler developed a strong liking for Piper. He even recorded a goodbye message for her on her Flip. One of the sweetest sides of Ty I’ve ever seen.

Ryli and Lennon clicked like long lost sisters, Crue and Cannon buddied up right away and Theo and Major participated in a few staring contests.

We love and cherish our time with our Surprise peeps, and we’re already planning our next visit.

Day 4: landed us in Las Vegas. We drove out to the NW area and checked into Hotel Kundanani. I got to meet Miss Aubrie for the first time and Theo introduced himself as well. We ordered in some Café Rio and the kids threw on their suits to cool down from the desert heat.

Michelle and I planned out our shopping extravaganza, which started on Day 5.

Day 5: was all about the fabric and outlets.

Shane took the kids to see Cars 2, and then the Disney store. He was a champ at providing the girl time that I so long for with my Michelle.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Vacation Day 2: NM to AZ

The kids were full of energy last night after we checked into the hotel. Unfortunately the pool was closed and we had nothing to offer except threats of time outs and back tickling to calm their nerves. They finally gave in around 11. Of course we felt guilty for the threats after they were fast asleep.

We actually made it on the road around 7am. It helped that we hit the mountain time zone and gained an hour. We flew through New Mexico, stopped in Holbrook, Arizona for gas and lunch, and made it to the Grand Canyon around 3pm. Another bonus hour because Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings time (genius!).

 The kids were impressed with the canyon, as Grand as it was, for about 10 minutes. Then all they could talk about was finding a gift shop and some water. The temp was about 92 degrees, windy, and dry.

We did find a gift shop and the kiddos were able to spend a little money. Then it was off to Phoenix, by way of Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona.

The drive was incredible, and dare I say, more impressive then the Grand Canyon. We could not get enough of the scenery. Sedona will always have a special place in my heart.

Soon we will arrive at the Kidd’s. Some of our favorite people on the planet. We always stay up way too late and leave, asking ourselves why we don’t live right next door to them.

Theo hasn’t slept nearly as much today. He has been the most challenging part of the trip so far. The other kids have done SO WELL.

Also worth noting, one of our rear brake light covers has come loose. Shane noticed it flapping in the wind when we stopped for gas in NM. He used his electrical tape to try to keep it attached…

Who would have thought a mini-van could get even cooler???

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Vacation Day 1 (LR to NM):

I’ve decided that road tripping with older kids is fun. We got each of them their own childrens road atlas. Ryli has used it the most. She has commented more than once that this is her favorite trip she’s ever taken. She is her daddy’s navigator while I sit in the back with the babe. The older boys sit in the middle immersed in Pokemon.
 This morning we got a later start than we were hoping for. No surprise there. We got to OKC around 1pm, and met the Deschamps for lunch at Pops. It was a fun stop on the historical Route 66. We talked and ate non-stop, which is always amazing in my book. We had Root Beer bread pudding for dessert…DELISH! We plan to stop on the way back so we said a quick “see you soon,” and were off for 7 more hours.

We’ve had NUMEROUS potty breaks, lots of snacks, watched several movies and Theo has slept well.

I have to say that as I sit in the back row of my mini van and ponder the people in front of me, I am so grateful for these moments. I feel like this road trip allows me to bottle up my family all for myself, even if only for this day. I watch their conversations, watch Ry gaze at Shane as he explains windmills and wild fires, sing lullabys to my sweet Theo, and observe Ty and Cannon contemplate a game of chess. I even got to see the sun set over the desert, which is especially pink (and beautiful) due to the fires.

I have to say, I’m so glad that flying wasn’t an option for us.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cannon is 5.5

being born 5 days before Christmas makes the rest of the year a little anti-climatic. so, right around Cannon's 5th birthday last year we discussed having his "friend party" in the summer for his half birthday. he really liked the idea, i really liked the it was. (and also crosses one thing off of the ever growing list of things to do during the busiest time of year)

cannon really wanted to bowl with his friends. we reserved the venue, invited the friends, grabbed some balloons and cupcakes and called it a party.

only, the bowling alley didn't have a working air conditioner. in arkansas. in june.

it was rough...but my bubba had a great time with his friends.
mission accomplished.

Friday, June 17, 2011

day camp is a go

last year Ty wanted to go to cub scout day camp. so he went. for one day. he said it was too hot (it was), and there were too many mosquitoes (there were). he decided he didn't want to go back, and i didn't blame him.

this year, when he said he wanted to go to day camp, i made him think about it. we also told him that knowing what he knew from last year that if he signed up he was committing.

he signed up, and low and behold after the first day he didn't want to go back.

we made him.
on the last day of day camp, Ty confessed that he wished camp was year round like school.

makes a mom proud. it was a defining moment for young Tyler.

the kids and i joined in to catch the rocket derby and closing ceremony on that last day.

 ty can tough things out. also, some things are worth working for.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Charlotte: update

she's an industious lady. 3 egg sacks, 1 hatched, lots of babies. not sure how many are going to survive...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ty's soccer fiesta

we wrapped up Ty's spring soccer season with a pool party. there was even a slide.

Ty spent most of his time with his good friend, Sean, playing "fifi's". thus, not allowing for many photo opportunities.
all boys walked away with a trophy, which always makes for an amazing night.
can't wait for the fall!