Tuesday, May 10, 2011

that's a wrap: Cannon

We finished up the 2011 Spring Soccer season for Cannon last night. It was also the hottest day of 2011 so far. Shane coached, and we may or may not have ended the game a few minutes early. The poor Sharks were so red-faced.
 Afterward the kiddos were awarded their much anticipated trophies. Some kids just play for the trophy. Not Cannon though. He was born kicking a ball. Shane did have to pull his trophies out of his bed tonight after he fell asleep.
(I would've taken a picture of it first)
 Aren't they cute?! We celebrated with a picnic dinner at the park with the friendlies...
 He is all heart.

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Becca said...

friendlies. that's perfect! way to go cannon!