Sunday, May 29, 2011

parents nite-thursday

parents were given a front row seat to watch the girls practice their rectial numbers. at the beginning of the year Ryli was invited to attend a class that was actually a year ahead of where she was supposed to be. i am really impressed with how she has risen to the challenge.
i do have to say that it is really hard for me to sit and watch and not want to just walk up to her and fix her arm positions, or have her slow down a bit. i need to let her figure it out. i stink at letting her figure it out.
 the theme is "going to the movies." her ballet number is to Hook's "Tinkerbell's Flight". Her tap number is called "Poison Ivy", and her jazz number is to Tarzan's "Trashin' the Camp."
i can't wait to watch my girl bask in the limelight this Sunday!

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