Saturday, May 7, 2011

Korean Cuisine

We got a babysitter and went on a group date. I'd been wanting to try this new Korean place, that is in the same place Satellite Cafe used to be.
The Griffins and Toblers met us. We shared a sushi roll for an appetizer, and I ordered the Chicken Bulgogi Bimimbap. It was good, not great, but good. And pricey. Probably won't go back for awhile, I would rather go somewhere else for an all adult date night...
(solomon crashed the party)

Then we strolled Kavanaugh down to Red Mango where I got a raspberry cheesecake fro-yo. Almost tasty, and I will go back there for sure.
I always appreciate time with my sweetie, and my friends and their sweeties.

Little did I know, that a stomach virus was lurking as soon as we got home....

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