Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kohl's Soccer Tourny & 10 months

This weekend has been a soccer-ful one. We started out Saturday morning with a garage sale extravaganza. It was the Otter Creek neighborhood sale, and I walked away VERY happy. I do plan to take a photo of my finds...then we pretty much spent the rest of the weekend at Burns Park.

The Griffins came to keep us company for the first game and the Hartzell boys for the second game. It means a lot when our friends come out and show their love.

The weather proved to be chilly, especially near the river. Shane gave Cannon some cold hands...

 These guys wrestled and giggled while Ty did this-

 It was a fun event, if you don't mind playing stacked teams, games starting an hour late and officials who either don't make calls or obviously favor the other team. Ty did enjoy himself, and walked away with a medal and sunkissed cheeks.
 Another important event, my babe turned 10 months around 7:20 this morning.

 At 23lbs, he's wearing 2t bottoms and 18-24 month tops, crawls like mad, eats everything, loves to bang things together, slept through the night for the first time (and only time) on Friday night, loves to be in the same room watching his brothers and sister, loves Baby Einstein dvd's, hates being confined in anything like a saucer, jumper, high chair or stroller, and has just recently started doing this thing where he pushes up onto his feet while he crawls. Kind of like a bear crawl, but he doesn't move, it's his down dog.

Time is flying too fast, but I sure adore watching this guy grow into an individual.

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