Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend (picture overload)

We started out the weekend right with the opening of our neighborhood pool. The water was FREEZING and young Theo wanted nothing to do with it. The older three were thrilled to be swimming again and barely noticed...

We also had the pleasure of attending a triple baptism, and we picked up an early birthday/Christmas/anniversary present for me! (more on that later)

Then Sunday it was an early Sacrament meeting at our old/new ward. Baby Harper was to receive a name and a blessing and Shane was asked to stand in the circle. It was great to be in our old building and see old friends...which oddly enough we will be seeing again every Sunday. The ward boundaries were realigned last Sunday and we will now be able to attend the church that we have been waving at as we pass it every Sunday. So many mixed emotions on this subject, but change fuels my fire and I always welcome it. The change goes into effect this week.
After 4 hours of church we rushed home, changed and packed up some dinner for a picnic at Petit Jean. The Toblers met us for a hiking adventure. We backpacked Theo in (thanks Griffins), and Ty, Ry and Cannon were in heaven. I wore flip flops. S.T.U.P.I.D. We agreed upon the Cedar Creek Trail, headed in and immediately got our feet wet.

my little sci-girl stopped to take notes and draw pictures of all of her discoveries

After about half a mile we found a place where the creek widened, became very shallow and had my kids stripping down to their underwear written all over it. I got the camera ready. The rock shelves were covered in moss and therefore very slippery. Solomon took off right away with Joe hot on his trail. Theo, again, uninterested in the water. The water was cool and soothing. It was something out of a movie, a very peaceful experience, until...

Joe found the tiny leaches. He had a quick consultation with Shane and decided that indeed, the party was over. Ty, Ry, and Cannon were barely wearing their underwear at this point, their clothes were soaked. I was freaking out. (these leaches were tiny and easily mistakable as dirt, but still leaches) We quickly began the de-leaching process and got the heck out of there. 
We hiked out and had one of the most picturesque picnics I've ever had.

Good times.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

parents nite-thursday

parents were given a front row seat to watch the girls practice their rectial numbers. at the beginning of the year Ryli was invited to attend a class that was actually a year ahead of where she was supposed to be. i am really impressed with how she has risen to the challenge.
i do have to say that it is really hard for me to sit and watch and not want to just walk up to her and fix her arm positions, or have her slow down a bit. i need to let her figure it out. i stink at letting her figure it out.
 the theme is "going to the movies." her ballet number is to Hook's "Tinkerbell's Flight". Her tap number is called "Poison Ivy", and her jazz number is to Tarzan's "Trashin' the Camp."
i can't wait to watch my girl bask in the limelight this Sunday!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

when i'm not herding my baby...

i'm making stuff. (sometimes even dinner)
my go-to birthday gift lately. (your daughter might be getting one of these)
 some shorts for my guys evergrowing backside (2t).  
 Helvetica tee's. I have to give a little credit to American Apparel for the idea. It's cuter with applique in my opinion. The guitar and "D" shirt are for a very special little one in Vegas. The "C" is for my bubba.
 And this dress is for his baby sister, Aubrie. This is one of my favorite dress patterns by Sandi Henderson. I love elastic and the straps that tie really allows the dress to grow with the girl.
 And these. These are for some very special newborns in Haiti, thank you to all of the ladies from church that donated, repurposed and helped me stitch these little knotted hats up. A true labor of love...

one of Shane's friends from Acxiom had their 1st baby recently. I made her a quilt. It's an oversized log cabin block. I backed it with seersucker, which I LOVE! This was a lot of fun to make, and I always love gifting handmade for new little ones.
Finally, a spiderweb for Jen. It's this months block for 12squared...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kindergarten ready

Cannon graduated from pre-school today. He was so nervous for the ceremony. He recited a bible verse, "Love one another" John 13:34. He also had to identify the spanish word for green.
 All of the children received a trophy for a special talent. Cannon's was the "Eager Reader" award. He is the only one reading in his class...(thanks to his dad for that one)


I made a couple of taxi totes for his lovely teachers, he was particular about who would receive each one.
 His best buddy, Aiden...sharing some refreshments...
 His teachers have been heaven sent. Ms. Lori and Ms. Dawn. We couldn't have asked for a better experience for him this year!

We heart Noahs's Kids!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday night: raising the ISO

i took these pictures in the dark. raising the ISO = grainier pictures. just messing around.

but I also wanted to capture a few Ty wanting to sleep in his "tent", and Theo's busted lip. he got his hand caught under his knee when he was crawling and did a face plant. it was his bloodiest accident yet.

Cannon falling asleep in our bed, but only to his favorite music.
and Ryli, just because.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i may have a weird thing about pulling teeth

Ryli lost her first tooth today.
She started asking me to make her a tooth fairy pillow at the first sign of loose-ness. My answer was always that I would, as soon as she lost it (in hopes that she would let me pull it out sooner rather than later.) I wiggled it everyday. This afternoon we were sitting in the sunroom watching Word Girl. She reluctantly opened up and I went to work. As soon as I pulled on it I knew it was gonna come out. She was shocked when it did. It bled a little, but she was so excited. She immediately went to my fabric stash to show me what she wanted. She picked a fancy Japanese Lecien.
 Here is what I came up with.

love those little hands
Now, my Ryli has a sweet little lisp.