Sunday, April 17, 2011

washed clean

what a perfectly springy day for a baptism. we attended a morning soccer game for Cannon, who scored twice. then we raced home to prepare for our Ryli's special day. her dress was line drying, Shane ironed and I prepared food for the after party. Ryli bounced around the house grinning, glowing. she

with everything pressed, packed up and prepared we headed for the church. Shane and I reflected on the day she was blessed. we remembered the song that was playing in the car on the way to the church that day, and how we felt the spirit so strong in the exact same moment.

the church was quiet, chairs were set up, the warm water was running. Ryli ran through the church with her friend Spencer, to expend some nervous energy, no doubt.
guests started arriving, Shane changed his clothes, and I pulled my guy and my girl out for a few photos.
we took our seats and the ceremony began. the water was lukewarm this time, and just like that, Ryli was washed clean. she immediately jumped up and threw her arms around her daddy's neck. there is nothing more fulfilling for me, as a mother, to watch my husband cradle my children in the waters of baptism. I am so thankful for him.

I quickly joined her in the changing room to help her dry off. as I rang out her dress, I stopped myself to take a mental snapshot. this is only time in my life that I will have this moment. it meant the world to me. I decided to slow down and talk to her. I wanted her to remember it, I wanted to remember it. she kept telling me how different she felt, that it was a good feeling. she was still glowing. I slipped on her handmade dress, re-braided her hair, and gave her a little gift. then we took a picture.

I will always cherish this photo.
some beautiful words were said. Ryli was confirmed.

we left the church shortly after the ceremony ended to get home and prepare for company. we opted to do the refreshments at our house. i'm glad we did, it felt so much more personal.
we had a fantastic evening. the weather couldn't have been better. we left the doors open and the children ran freely in and out. they picniced in the front yard and climbed trees. the adults visited and enjoyed some really delicious food.
I am so thankful for my friends and family who helped, but also to everyone who came to celebrate my daughter's special day.
as I tucked her in last night I asked her how she was feeling. she said, "so happy."
it's truly all I could ask for.


Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

Kristen- I've been wanting to tell you that I look up to you so much- You're are such an awesome mommy and put your all into your kiddos! You make me want to try a little harder:) Thanks for letting me be a part of Ryli's special day!!!! It was perfect!

Lisa said...

I agree with Rachel. You truly are a wonderful momma and it shows in your children's bright faces. Ryli's baptism was memorable for me because of the special spirit that was there and with Ryli. She's quite a gift of a child.