Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my daughter is 8

This morning started with thunderstorms and cinnamon rolls. Ryli was the first one up, which never happens. I told her I would have to deliver lunch to her school later because I needed to make a run to the store. Actually, I had a surprise in mind.

I arrived at her school at 11:30 to check her out. Becca was waiting. I thought Ryli would enjoy a lunch away with her best friend, then a pedicure. Her first one.
She chose Olive Garden, no surprise there. She ordered the Penne Alfredo. Then she got a chocolate mousse. She and Lucy chatted and worked on their menu puzzles. She wanted the next stop to be a surprise.
We had a few minutes before their pedi appointment, so we made a quick stop at the fabric store, then on to Ava Bella Day Spa. We pulled up and parked in front of an Indian Restaurant and Ry was confused. She asked if there were toys in there. I told her no, that I had changed my mind and we headed in to the spa.
She was thrilled when she figured it out. She and Lucy chatted, looked through magazines, played with the bubbles, and giggled. They both chose glittery polish, Ryli's was more purple, Lucy's more pink. After they were finished they slipped on the blue spa flip flops, applied a little makeup and we said goodbye.

I rushed home to finish binding her quilt, pick Ty up from school, (Cannon was going to Aidan's), baked her cake, wrapped a few presents, made a quick Target run, then came back to meet Shane. We planned to meet the gang at Larry's for a combined Henry/Ryli birthday dinner.
We were surrounded by friends and family, food was plentiful, and our 2 children were celebrated. They opened presents, and played hard. Finally, it was time to call it a day.

Ryli commented several times before bedtime about what a perfect day she had. She loved skipping school. Her favorite thing that she did was getting her toenails painted. Her favorite gift was the DS.

As I tucked her in we talked about the day of her birth. I thanked her for letting me be her mommy. I asked her if she was excited to be baptized. I told her how proud I am of her, the little citizen that she is.

Some of my favorite things about Ryli:
her love for her family and friends. her laugh. her singing voice. she collects small things. she can't help but pick the flowers. she isn't afraid of dirt. her soft little hands. her appreciation for old treasures. her maternal  instinct. her confidence. her baby blues. the list goes on...but for today, at least, these are what come to mind first.


Michelle said...

OH.MY.GOSH!! When did she get so big! It was just yesterday that I met you guys and she was 8 months old! Happpy Birthday Ryli!!

Jen said...

This looks like the perfect 8-year-old birthday.
Wish her a happy birthday from the Deschamps.