Friday, April 15, 2011

a late-over, and the night before

the back story: we were hit with one of the worst storms on Thursday night/Friday morning. around 2am we were awakened by sirens, strobe-light type lightening and gusting winds. oh, and no power. we had know idea how bad it was. the only connection we had was through Shane's blackberry. the tornado warning was expired. it was the biggest adrenaline rush i've had in quite awhile. by the time we got our bearings and thought about taking cover the all clear sirens went off. we finally went back to sleep and the kids slept through the whole thing..then we woke up later because Theo had leaked through his diaper, shortly thereafter Cannon leaked through his pull-up...alas, very little sleep obtained.

the next morning we woke up to no power, the kids school had no power, and therefore all of my plans to prepare for a busy weekend came to a screeching halt. luckily, my husband was supportive. he took the day off and followed me around all day in my fit of stress for moral support and child care. he loves me. it also falls under the category, if mama ain't happy...

long story short-ish, we came home to the most beautiful blinking clocks i had ever seen and the weekend plans were back on.
originally, Ry asked me to make white pasta (or pasta with alfredo sauce) and garlic bread for her and her friends. with the power outage and realistic outlook, however, we defaulted to ordering pizza. in the end, it all worked out. the girls only cared about the doritos, skittles and cadburry mini's anyway.
so the late-over. it brought back many a memory. some fun, some not so much. it made me appreciate my age. they were loud and crazy, and giggley, and whiny. some pouted, some included, some excluded. some went in the bathroom and told secrets, some wanted to tell scary stories. Shane's head almost exploded.
after opening presents, an attempted movie viewing of Felicity, and some American Girl play time, the girls finally found their groove and spent the last half of the night palying house with british accents. it was really funny. it also allowed me to finish Ryli's dress.
all the girls departed with smiles, a few didn't want to leave. Ryli announced several times that she had the best mom in the whole world. i took that comment and put it in my pocket for a rainy day. the battle of the wills seem more frequent these days...the stomping off, door slamming, toy kicking, arguing, begging.....blah blah blah.

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