Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Festivities: Easter Sunday

The kids rose early, I had been up late...configuring.
 Their baskets were filled with Lindt chocolates, Playmobil for the girl and Legos and DS games for the boys.
 They also got a little "Potter" love, too
 These two caught a little nap before church. While they rested,
 I played with this.
 How delightful is this little woodland?


After church, the children humored with a few photos.
just a few of my faves...


then it was off to Sue-wee's for yet another egg hunt, and dinner

 Ty found 2 of 3 money eggs, then Ry found the 3rd. We ate delicious food, indulged in delicious dessert, and came home with loads of treats.

And now we can rest.
Happy Easter!

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