Thursday, April 21, 2011

9 months

in the midst of Ryli's birthday hurrah, the buddha baby hit his 9 month mark. i'm not sure what he weighs (about 23-ish lbs), or how long he is. here are a few of his milestones though:

he has officially shunned baby food and only squeals for the real stuff. he prefers banana, canteloupe, avocado, black beans, brown rice, cheerios, tomatoes, peas, potatoes and a little bite of chicken every now and then.

he has yet to cut any teeth, he's later than any of his siblings. he loves to teeth on cucumbers, carrots and pickles.

he still loves to crinkle (and apparently the taste) of paper.

he is nearly busting out of 18-24 month bottoms. he's pretty soft all over, but definitely boasts the pear shape. bless his heart, he has a lot of junk in his trunk.

his hair is starting to thicken, a very golden brown. his eyes are staying a deep brown. he has paws for hands.

he enjoys PBS Kids more than he should. he loves when someone rolls a ball to him, it's usually Cannon.

he has started throwing his head back in protest. it's pretty cute, for now. he's a major mama's boy, still. he's a hair puller. he still isn't much for sleeping.

in fact, Shane caught him doing this...
which i almost didn't believe when i saw it. this is SO not like him.

this, on the other hand, is totally him.
(when he's seriously concentrating on something, usually Shane's beard or my hair or in this case the paper, then he talks very directly to it)
he's on the verge of crawling. he's got all of the major skills down, just hasn't put them into a fluid motion yet. he goes from on his belly to sitting up, he pulls up on his knees, he gets on all fours and rocks, he'll even put one knee in front of the other....then, splat.

Ty has predicted that he will be crawling by May 10th....a random prediction. we'll see, i'm not in any hurry.

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Jen said...

The picture of Theo snoozing is divine.