Monday, March 14, 2011

a colossal find

i ran across this beast at goodwill a couple of weeks ago. i've been wanting something different for my sewing space and this is almost exactly what i had in mind. i checked the price ($25), called Shane for the go-ahead, ran home for a few measurements, and returned for the purchase.
(you should've seen shane and i carrying this thing in the house at 11pm in the rain, it. is. heavy.)

i absolutely love it! i have so much more cutting space, and the drawers...ooh la la! the storage is fantastic!
we've put the computer armoire on craigslist, and the inspiration is flowing. and honestly, i don't feel quite so isolated from the fam when i'm working on projects...which i love.
another amazing find for me!


emilysigler said...

I love that desk - glad you got it!

My suggestion: put the cord to the pedal behind the desk. you can still reach it, but it's not so unsightly!

Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

Awesome! & I love how well lit the space is with natural sunlight! It looks like such a HAPPY space;)

kaye said...

Your space looks awesome!! I love the windows and sunshine! I wish I had a sewing space--I feel spring cleaning getting near!