Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Super Moon: Becca's Birthday

Saturday night we were able to convince our men and children to let us take Becca out for her birthday. We made reservations at Ya Ya's and met at the Promenade for a little shopping. Anthropologie was #1 on the list, of course.
Dinner was delish, and afterward Holly decided her sweatpants were calling. She bailed. (who can blame her, she's like, 11 months pregnant)
We did a little more shopping, stopped and took a picture of the HUGE orange moon, went to Barnes and Noble and called it a night. The weather was perfect, company was great, shopping proved worthwhile, and Becca's 32nd Birthday GNO will always be remembered as the night of the super moon. The End.

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Becca said...

Such a great way to celebrate my b-day. Thanks for the funtimes! (that's like sometimes, but better)