Monday, March 28, 2011


The weekend lent itself to recovery. Soccer was cancelled, it was nice to do nothing. The temps dropped and rain sprinkled. We ran a few errands and spent some time napping. The kids have recently started earning allowance for some small chores and they were able to spend some money they've been saving up. We found ourselves at Knowledge Tree purchasing test tubes...or "potion bottles." That was the one thing they were adament about. They spent the rest of the day mixing potions (watercolors) and creating things like, pumpkin potions, love potions and poison potions.
All in All spring break 2011 turned out to be a big thumbs up...for a staycation. It also allowed me a chance to start preparing for our cross country road trip in June. Our museum pass is going to be the best investment we've made all year...

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