Thursday, March 24, 2011

my husband, my hero

Shortly after I left for a girls night (see previous post), I got a call from Shane. He explained that he had a funny story for me, he began:

"I had just finished working out and jumped in the shower. I got out and the kids started yelling that there was a kid in the front yard. I went to the living room (in my underwear) to find the front door open and the kids already outside. There was a little boy in the front yard with a bucket of cars, as soon as he saw me he ran up the street. I looked around for an adult, didn't see one and ran and put my gym shorts on. He couldn't have been 2 years old. I caught up with him just as he was about to cross Pine Valley (a really busy road.) I yelled for him to come back but he kept running, then I yelled for him to show me his cars. He turned around. There was a man driving around looking for him, he was a neighbor, but he wouldn't get in the car with him, he was really scared. I asked him if he wanted to go look for his mom, he shook his head yes, then climbed in the car with me and onto my lap. We pulled up to his house, which was just up the hill and around the corner from our house, and of course his mom was in hysterics. He had been gone for 20 minutes, she had already called 911, and the neighbors were searching frantically. She thanked me profusely, then I walked home. When I got home Ty was standing outside in the middle of the street. When I asked him what he was doing he told me that he was looking for me. He was worried that the little boy was used as bait to lure me back to the bad guys so they could beat me up."

All of this while I was in the Anthropologie dressing room. A couple of's always risky to take showers when your the only adult in the house with four children. When you can't convince a lost little boy to come to you ask about his cars. Ty watches too many movies. Finally, I really love my husband.

The next day we were coming home from church and saw a woman wandering around with a basket of food. Shane slowed down and said that he thought that was the mom from yesterday. She recognized him when he rolled the window down, then she followed us home. She hugged Shane, shook my hand, and thanked us all so much for helping find her son. Then she handed us a bucket of goods from Fresh Market. A basket of delicious food on a Sunday afternoon??? Yes, please!! We dug in! Banana Nut Bread, french sparkling lemonade, chocolate bon bons, herbal tea, organic strawberries, and some really special coffee (my aunt-the coffee connoisseur can be the judge).
Good things happen to good people.

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Jennifer R. said...

Holy Moly! What an incredibly entertaining story! First, hooray for Shane! My present two year old was outside without our knowledge when Andrew was just an infant. I had slipped into the backyard to SAVE some child from the bee or wasp population in our neighborhood. Our slightly handicapped neighbor across the street who drives around a little motorized scooter/wheelchair had seen him escape. It's a good thing he works in his garage!!
He kept Oliver from getting run over, stolen, or lost! He had him corralled by our mailbox. That was very traumatic for me! Thank you to the Shane's of the world who keep our precious 2 year olds from harms way!!!