Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a little something i whipped up

i attended yet another Goodwill grand opening in the Benton area last week. thrifting is an addiction, you see.

i found some neat fabric, one was this turqoise "swiss dot" looking cotton, and another was a Marimekko print from 1984 called "Villages".

i wasn't exactly sure what i was going to do with them, but i just couldn't leave them there, abandoned, and vulnerable to anyone who might take them home and not treat them right?! yep, i hoard fabric, and i'm okay with that. shane? not so much.

anyway, i did a little brainstorming. i decided to cut some of the houses out and use them as appliques, add some red piping and a natural muslin ruffle. here is what i came up with...
a skirt for the girl of course. i could quite possibly eat those windmills right up!


Amy said...

You are so good a whippin' thing up. Can you whip up a painted dresser and head board for me? just kidding, but the skirt (and tights) is very cute.

SewSara said...

oh my word. this is a-friggin-dorable!! i love her whole outfit. great style. and yay i got a couple of those houses and i think i squealed a out loud! :)