Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tyler, my 9 year old Wizard

Tyler is 9!
We've been celebrating since Saturday, and caboose arrived last night when I got the mail.
I've already blogged about his game night. Sunday we headed over to Sue-wee's for the official family lunch. He got to eat his favorite, pizza. For dessert is was Chocolate Chip cake, topped with Ty as a wizard, a spell and a wand.
He received some generous gifts, including an official HP wand, the Lego Quittage set, several pieces of the new Ninjago Legos, the 5th HP book, and a really cool Darth Vader Lego watch. Seriously, cool stuff.
Monday morning I woke up early to cover his bed in balloons and bake some cinnamon muffins. I warned him that something REALLY special would probably happen to him that day. Sure enough, Shane checked him out of school after lunch and took him to the the Deathly Hallows. He couldn't believe it! We've been telling him we didn't think he was ready for it. We were purposely putting it off, keeping our fingers crossed that we would still be able to find it in a theater on the 31st. We found it at the Riverdale, completely gross theater...but Ty didn't even notice. He kept telling Shane it was the best thing that could ever to happen to him in this miss school to see the Deathly Hallows. On the way home he asked Shane, "does mom know you did this?"

I really wish I could've seen his face.

Then he started making comments about how the only thing that could make his birthday any better would be to get the Lego Hogwarts Castle. Little did he know, we had a plan for that too. He knew it was pricey, and had vowed to save his money and Toys R Us giftcards to put toward it. We asked him if he was ready to go buy it, if his dad and I covered the rest. His face lit up. So after we picked the kids up we headed out on a shopping trip to pick up the one thing that could make his birthday perfect.
Then it was off to Larry's for unlimited pizza, dessert, family and friends. I made his favorite brownies (with hidden Hershey bars), we sang, and got to open up more presents.
I have to say how much fun I had planning a day full of activities for him, over the typical 2 hour birthday party. I love the idea that my children are getting old enough to enjoy a customized day of specialties over renting a location and no personal time.
(i also know how much the younger ones love being the star of the show, but they do grow out of that)

Finally, yesterday Sue-wee showed up with a late arrival. Ty got the 4th HP book (which completes his collection), and an official Gryffindor tie. Then, the mailman delivered cards and a package from the Sharps!

What a lucky boy he is. He is surrounded by people who love him...near and far.

Holy cow,
I have a 9 year old.
(and by the way, I finished his quilt, washed it, dried it, and laid it across his exhausted body around 11pm Monday night. Then I fell in love with quilting all over again.)


Liz said...

i'm giggling at how you spelled Quidditch! :) happy birthday to your sweet boy!

rocknrolla said... boy nate had a harry potter bday party this year too! but i'll admit, it was mostly my doing. he likes the movies and we've read the first book to him a few times, but i'm the big fan in our family.

nice to meet you tonight! looking forward to our next class, although i'm a tad nervous about being "critiqued".