Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Super Bowlin'

We had some friends over to watch the Super Bowl(commericals and half time show). It's becoming tradition. We are the only ones (+Larry) in our close group of friends who care about football, so everyone else just comes to hang out, eat, and watch the "perks" of the game.
 (baby's first big game, do they make shirts for that?)

The older boys spent most of the time moving rocks near the magic creek behind our house. The girls played with their American Girls, and the younger boys disappeared to the playroom.
Holly's Caramel Corn, Becca's Cinnamon Rolls, and Teriney's Spiked Avocados. Gary's breakdancing to the Black Eyed Peas (seriously, someone get this boy some cardboard!), my accidental comment heard round the world about Holly's growing circumference (still feeling awful about that)...and of course THE WINNERS!!! Go Green Bay! So happy they won!
Thanks to our homies for making this yet another unforgettable football/marketing extravaganza!

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