Monday, February 14, 2011

i heart this day

(excuse the under/overexposure of these photos...i'm a student)

i started the day out with treat baskets for my sweeties.

well, i'll be honest. it started with my baby sweetie waking up around 6am, wide awake. i then realized that i hadn't put the treat baskets together, so it was convenient. i threw my muk-luks on and headed out to the car to retrieve some hidden goodies. once out there i realized i had already moved them to my closet, it was 6am after all and i think i only had one eye open. plus, if i haven't mentioned in the past, buddha baby doesn't care much for sleep, so our nights are frequently interrupted.

anyhoo, i got everything put together, still with one eye open. because the older sweeties had a scheduled day off, i got to go back to sleep for about 25 minutes. a luxury, i'll even go so far as to call it a Valentine's gift from them.
after i convinced both eyes to open, i proceeded to get everyone ready for a planned picnic at Pinnacle Mountain. the weather was phenomonal, considering we were iced in just last Friday...we couldn't even get out of our driveway only 4 days ago.
we met our friends, soaked up the sunshine, ate lunch and walked a trail. it was perfect.
we had a couple of visitors drop off some treats for the babes, then it was off to Cheeburger for Valentines dinner with friends. it was a family date, of sorts.
my Valentine surpised me with my very favorite truffles, he loves me. i love him, and we love us...all 6.
he'll have the pounder, please.

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kaye said...

I just so love your blog, your pictures and your words!! I can't tell you what a lift it gives me. It always brings a smile to my heart!!! Thank you!!