Monday, February 21, 2011

Hail to the Boss

Presidents Day brought school for Ty and Ry, a field trip for Cannon and a day off for Shane. We decided to tag along with Cannon's class to the Clinton Library for the Dr. Suess exhibit. Theo was stoked, he loves art.

After about an hour we split and Cannon went back to school. It was almost like a date for us. We contemplated going home for a 4 hour nap, then remembered that we still had the one child with us that HATES sleep. So instead, we went for an oil change, then for sushi, then some B&N therapy. Before we knew it, it was time to start picking up the offspring.

It was refreshing...short lived, and always cherished.

While at the Clinton Library I was able to get some neat shots of the are a couple:
and here are a few random shots:
 Yertle the Turtle
 Sam I Am's Ham


emilysigler said...

great shots! But is Theo flipping me off in that 3rd picture? ;)

Jen said...

Love the pics of Theo. Glad you got a mini date.

{irene} said...

Girl...that baby is too cute...too bad I can't give him a big fat kiss!!!!...he's adorable!