Tuesday, February 15, 2011

7 whole months

Today my Omega is 7 months.

I totally missed his 6 month stat post in blogland.

So here is a long overdue update:

6 months:
weight: 20lbs 1 oz. - 87%
length: 28.25" - 94%
head circumference: 18" - 92%

oddly enough, he's a bit smaller than Cannon was. here is a shot of his 6 month trick:
His other trick is making his mom wash the sheets at least every other day.
(but that he's been practicing since birth)

 Now, at 7 months he weighs in at a hefty 21.6 lbs. He's still sitting, and starting to venture into reaching out a bit. I've caught him clapping a few times, but especially tries if you give him a big "yaaaay Theo!" He's still maintaing his right cheek dimple and the chin dimple...and increasing the dimples on his backside. He has no interest in crawling, and his fellow summer of 2010 baby friends are leaving him in the dust. It's okay, he has a lot to move, know what I mean? He can stay immobile until he's 1, if I'm lucky.
His loves:
his mommy, still...the most. He loves to watch Baby Einstein, and I catch him gazing at Super Why every now and then. He LOVES his brothers and sister. They are, by far, his most favorite form of entertainment. He loves the green pacifier, his white blanket, sitting in the corner of the couch and banging toys. He loves the silicone kitchen spatulas, being outdoors, Sophie the giraffe, the ladybug, riding in the stroller, chillin in his jumper, chewing on everything. He also found his screeching voice, and loves to use it in church. He's a chatty boy. He enjoys typing on his sisters Thumbelina laptop while I type on mine.
He doesn't love:
SLEEP, real food, or when his mommy ingests lactose. He doesn't love the cold after the bath, waiting for feeding time, or not being the center of attention. He doesn't love to sit in his saucer for more than 3-5 minutes. he loves/hates his daddy's scruff.
Theo is an absolutely delicious little specimen. He gives perfectly wet kisses, lights up our world with his smiles and his laughter is contagious. One of my most favorite things about this baby though, is seeing this beautifully tender side of my older 3. He truly brings out the best in our family...and we are so blessed to have him.

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SewSara said...

he is darrrrrrling!
theo is his name? loveLOVE it.