Sunday, January 9, 2011

snowed in sunday

after a night of squealing from my youngest, and waking up to a house full of runny noses I vowed to stay inside all day long.

the prediction of snow sealed the deal.
i spent a lot of time sewing in the sunroom/snowroom. it was incredible, how could you not be inspired?
shane played angry birds and talked theo into a few naps. ty is nearing the end of the harry potter series... 
(seriously, he sat in that chair reading for about 6 hours today....)
 these two went outside to explore, they also happen to be the ones with the runniest of noses,
 but with snow typically only once a year I just couldn't deny them.
 even Molly dressed in her wintery warmest, scarf knitted by ryli.
 his naps have turned to cat naps, several short ones a day. will his eyes be brown? i hope so.
and this is ty's most serious reading face. he started the 7th HP on Friday night, he will finish it tomorrow, no doubt. like father, like son.

happy wintery snowed in sunday!

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