Friday, December 31, 2010

Wits & Wagers

To end 2010, we got together with friends. We ordered sushi, munched on munchies, and played a new game...Wits and Wagers. Good times.
The boys built with Legos, the girls imagined with doll friends. Theo mostly ate and slept. At 9pm we toasted with the kids, sparkling grape juice.
Now, I'm sitting on the couch watching Letterman and contemplating sleep. It's calling my name.

Shane is snoring next to me.

It's been a busy month.

This time last year I had a swollen womb. This year, I'm admiring my sweet littlest being from across the room. He sleeps soundly.

What a whirlwind, 2010.

We took a lot of trips, laughed alot, cried alot, made new friends, and cherished old ones, even added to our brood. We spent quality time with family, decided the Foreign Service was not in our immediate future. Shane has unfolded a lovely career with the VA Hospital. He dreams of writing for himself someday. I dream of more hours in my day, time for more project completion and less need for sleep. Ty dreams of Harry Potter. Ry dreams of her American Girls. Cannon dreams of GI Joes and Star Wars guys. Theo dreams of things that crinkle, his white blankey, and me...if I do say so myself.

 I wonder what we'll be dreaming of this time next year.

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Dominic said...

Woot! Ending the year with Wits & Wagers. My parents and I have done that for the past 3 years in a row. I'm glad you had a good time. Next year you should try my other game, Say Anything.

Dominic Crapuchettes
Designer of W&W and Say Anything