Monday, December 20, 2010

crazy ninja's and other birthday things

The kids started pouring in around 2pm. Cannon was in heaven, all his friends, dressed up with free reign to run with plastic weapons. Boy did they ever. There were a few bouts with tears, lots of screaming, a few of "y'all need to go outside" 's...then finally cupcakes and presents.
The kids had sword fights on the Wii
 Giant Oreo grin.
 Best Buddies
 Making a wish
  Mrs. and baby girl Hartzell
 Present opening started like this...
 and ended like this. It always does.
 After clean-up and a few minutes to catch our breath we met the Griffins at Cheeburger Cheeburger for dinner. They rang the big cowbell to let everyone know it was Bubba's special day and gave him a round of applause. He hated it.
 This picture reminds me of church Sunday. He was called up to the front of Primary so they could sing to him, he scowled the whole time. Very Napoleon Dynamite. It was hilarious...he doesn't like the spotlight at all. 
The kids got to share the fabulous Mousse Mountain...and ended this special day with sweet dreams!

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