Thursday, November 18, 2010

Theo: 4 month stats

Theo turned 4 months on Monday. This morning we went for the standard check up, here are his numbers:

Weight: 18lbs 2oz - 95%
Length: 26.5" - 93%
Head Circumference: 17" - 74%
Yep, he's growing like a weed.


Em said...

and it's official, theo has passed up lincoln in weight. theo is 4 months and lincoln is almost 1 year old! wish lincoln had some of those darling rolls that theo has. great job mama! so darling.

Michelle said...

I just took Aubrie to the doctor yesterday and she weighed 19 pounds:) He is so adorable...I wish I could just snuggle him! I love the picture of all his rolls.