Friday, November 26, 2010


i spent most of wednesday grocery shopping, baking pumpkin bread (for the bread pudding), and making parker house rolls.

little did i know a virus was brewing in my 4 year old. i woke up several times that night to the sweet cry of my baby. around 4:30am i heard Cannon start calling for his dad and i gave up on sleep.

i went to comfort Bubba, and that was when he asked for a bowl. within a few minutes the bowl was full, and i knew that he would not be particpating in the afternoon feast.

the rest of the morning went something like this, clean up Cannon, nap for me, finish baking, Shane hung Christmas lights outside, Christmas decorations were unloaded from storage, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was the background noise, Shane volunteering to stay home with our sickling, a torrential downpour, me loading lots of dishes, and baby + 2 kids in the car (in the downpour) and driving over to Sue-wee's. we were only about 10 minutes late, and only spilled the vanilla anglaise on the front seat.

i'm not the kind of person who leaves something like that, so after i got everyone and everything inside the warm dry grandmother's house i went back out in the rain to scrub the anglaise out of my front seat.
we enjoyed a delicious meal, and gave thanks.
shortly thereafter, i noticed Ty lying on the couch, lethargic. i decided to get him the heck out of there and run some lunch over to Shane. since he was such a good sport.
i returned to Sue-wee's, had some of the pumpkin bread pudding (which was wonderful), spent some quality time with the extended family and planned out the black friday "experience".
it was enjoyable.

by the time we (by this time it's just me, Ryli and Theo) got home Ty was sick too. Poor Shane.

our friendly thanksgiving celebration was to be postponed.we wrapped things up early at the Sharp house on the great day of thanks. Ryli was bored, i was exhausted, and all three of my boys needed extra rest. plus, i had to get up early for the busiest shopping day of the year. 

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