Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Furniture Reno #1, before and after

#1-Antique Wardrobe:
This wardrobe was refinished by my dad, for me, when I was a baby. We have moved this beastly piece around for too many years. I've used it in my bedroom a few times, but it's mostly been stored, hence the condition in the pictures.

With boy #3 on the way this past summer, we were in need of more storage in their room. We contemplated our something new or used, or build something. I almost bought this from Ikea at least 3 different times. Then we decided to try to find something more economical. I watched Craigslist, scoured thrift stores, shopped garage sales and estate sales in search of a "project" to personalize. nuthin'.

Then a few nights, just before the bossman arrived, it dawned on me. We have this great, solid, antique, sentimental, larger than what we have now, piece of beat up finery taking up valuable storage space.

"Let's spruce it up," I asked/told Shane.
(he would be the one doing most of the work, after all)
Then I threw in a bonus, "it could be my birthday present!"
He couldn't say no to THAT, right?!
My pitch was this, "we'll paint it green, then cover the drawer fronts with maps. Then we'll paint the inside white."
"Maps?" he said.
"Maps," I said.
He was in.

He started on it the day we brought Theo home from the hospital. He sanded, stripped veneer, sanded, added and replaced a few things, did some touching up, then painted and painted. Once I started the drawer fronts I decided to take a step further, maps on the backing also. The more maps the better for our family.

I searched high and low for the perfect knobs for these awesome drawer fronts. Again, I wanted something special and inexpensive. My friend made an emergency trip to Memphis to the Pottery Barn Outlet for a backpack for her daughter and stumbled upon number knobs...the set for $5! PERFECT!

The whole project took about 2-3 weeks, with a newborn and three busy children on summer vacation. Shane did a wonderful job, very meticulous, as always. We spent about $35 altogether, including new paintbrushes.


  We couldn't be happier! Shane removed the doors, replaced the caster wheels, replaced the backing, stripped off the veneer, and added lots of fresh paint. I'm glad I can count on him to bring my visions to reality.
Thanks, handsome.

(a little secret, the 22 on the bottom drawer is code for my husband loves me)


Jen said...

It looks amazing! I also LOVE the knobs.

{irene} said...

oh...i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOve it!...looks soo good!

The Paisley Abbey said...

Wow, that is fantastic and better than anything you could have bought at IKEA!

emilysigler said...

LOVE it!!! Can I place my order?

Gerbera Daisy Mom said...

Does handsome hire out??!! Awesome!

Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

That looks incredible!

Natalie said...

I've long coveted this piece of beautiful furniture. Now even more-so:). Good work. You two amaze me always. Please come here and help me decorate my house. i've lost my mojo. We miss you!

Em said...

great work, shane + great vision, kristin = looks fab!