Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thunder Over the Rock

Plans were to get up early and head to the air show.We spent 2 long hours in the car waiting to get on the flight line. 2 hours.
It was 11:30am, and hot. Really hot.
{my babies in the belly of a C-5}
Somehow we managed to squeeze about 2 hours out of the kids, it was painful.
We ran into some of our favorite people, the Gardner's.
{theo seemed to enjoy himself}
The kiddos got a little taste of our life before they came along. They asked us which planes we use to fly. Ha.
It tugged at my heartstrings, I've always pictured Shane as a pilot.
{the Thunderbirds, notice the crew doing push-ups}

He kept whispering to me, "6 month deployments, 6 month deployments."

I need to be reminded why we got out sometimes.

We got to see some cool stuff, and after we got out of the heat and got some lunch we decided it was worth it.
 Us in front of a Razorback A-10. Ryli was so grouchy!

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