Monday, October 25, 2010

Passing on the Gift

Heifer International is one of the most clever organizations I know of. I remember touring this farm when I was in elementary school. When I heard that Ryli's class would be visiting I was happy to tag along, and teach the boss a thing or two about charity. He cooperated by napping in his sling the entire time.
Ry got to milk a goat
on the hayride
 The entrance to the ranch, flags for all of the countries they have donated to
(there are more flags around the corner)

 I would like to say that by the end of the field trip Ryli was willing to give up her Christmas in order to feed the hungry. She at least thought about it for a few minutes though. Instead, she asked if she could have the goat instead of giving it to another family. See why I started early with the boss? There is still hope for him:)

Seriously though, for $20 you can give a flock of chicks, or ducks, or geese!
Totally Do-able!!
Each of my chicks will be giving up one present for this cause...and they will LIKE it!!

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Em said...

we've given tons of heifer gifts to family members and they always love it. travis's stepdad, especially. i never knew you could tour the farm tho. wish we would have done that. we just went to the bldg by the clinton library to learn more about it...