Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween weekend begins -

Our day started out at the Children's Theater at the Arkansas Arts Center. We joined Cannon's besties and their mom's for Giant and the Beanstalk. It was adorable. My favorite thing was the artwork, I would love to buy all of the play posters and hang them in our playroom. I must figure out who the artist is.
The older two had their AR day where they were allowed to dress up as their favorite storybook character. Their Halloween costumes seemed to fall in line with the school guidelines, Ryli as Jessie and Ty as Dr. Doom. Toy Story has books, right? And Dr. Doom is a Marvel comic book villan... 
 Then, there was this guy. Edible, I tell you.

 Later that night was the Fall Fest and Trunk or Treat at the church. 
This picture perfectly depicts their personalities. Ryli and Lucy, BFF's
There was a costume parade
 & a bouncy house.
 finally, the boss decided to call it a night.

Where was Ty? He was invited to a birthday party sleepover. We gave him the choice, he could trunk or treat at the church with the family, or stay up really late eating junk food with friends and playing video games. His decision was easy. I hestitated and held off as long as I possibly could. I finally had to give in. It was something I was never going to do, sleepovers. It's another step toward ultimate independence...ouch. We missed him, and felt incomplete without him. The next morning his brother and sister (and mother) waited anxiously for his return. It was a good thing, I think.

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emilysigler said...

At beanstalk, do you remember a black & white gingham jacket with red collar (& huge sleeves)? I made that! We're going tonight.